Friday, August 31, 2007

Housing Costs

Housing Stress is a topical media issue at present. Here are some pointers to finding ABS housing costs data.

Census Tables will provide you with data about housing costs, for example loan repayments by family composition, or income by rent data. Time series tables also allow comparisons with 2001 and 1996 Census data.

Simply click on 'Census Tables' from the link above, choose your geographic area, and select 'Housing Costs' as the topic. You will then be presented the list of available tables.
Note: Different tables are available under 'Place of Usual Residence' and 'Location on Census Night' count method options.

MapStats allows you to create maps showing the proportion of households with housing costs 30% or more of gross income at either a local level, or more broadly.

Check the Housing theme pages for links to further housing data.

Can't find the data you need? Contact our helpline to discuss your specific information needs.

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