Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The full picture on religion

Census QuickStats and Community Profile tables for religion will give you broad categories of religious affiliation data: including counts for Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, or different Christian denominations such as Baptist or Catholic.

However if you want a table that includes all of the most detailed categories available, including religious affiliations such as Wiccan, Pantheism, or Rastafarianism, then you need to access the full classification list.

This can be found in the Census Tables product, under the topic Religion: select the 'Religious Affiliation (full classification list) by Sex' option. 2006 full classification lists are available at Suburb and Local Government Area level, as well as for larger geographic areas.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mean/Median/Mode explained with a catchy tune

There are some interesting statistical resources online - this is one of the more musical offerings.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Comparing 2006 & 2001 Census data

When comparing how things have changed since the last Census, it's important to take into account a big difference in how Census data is being released this time around.

Most 2006 Census data is being made available based on where a person usually lives, not where they were on Census night. Previous Census data, such as from the 2001 Census, was released based on the opposite; that is, your location on Census night (known as 'place of enumeration').

Some regions, such as the snowfields and other tourism areas, may have significant differences between the data generated from different count methods. As a result it's vital to be careful when comparing 2006 QuickStats and Basic Community Profiles with earlier data.

Here are some tips on comparing data:
- The 2001 Usual Residents Profile, found under the Community Profiles, allows you to compare data with 2006 usual residence data.
- A 2006 Place of Enumeration Profile will be released 25 September 2007, which will allow data comparison with 2001 QuickStats and Basic Community Profiles.
- Some 2006 Census tables are available on the basis of 'Location on Census Night' count method - select this method from the Census Tables topics page.
- 2006 Time Series Profiles, which compare data from 1996, 2001 & 2006, are based on Place of Enumeration, not Place of Usual Residence.