Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Think Census Think Geography

To use Census data you need to know two things: your topic and your geographic area of interest. Understanding how the ABS organises and labels geography is critical to using Census data effectively.

When choosing a location, the 'Browse' tab introduces you to ABS geography by offering a hierarchical listing of all Census areas currently available. From this list you can drill down to select your required level of detail, and also view maps showing the boundaries for each location.
The Browse tab is also the easiest way to find Census Collection Districts - the smallest level of data currently available.

To find a description of each geographic area - for example, what is an Urban Centre? What does the (C) or (S) or (T) after a place name mean? click on the Census help pages link Which location do I select?

To see a diagram showing how Census geographies are structured, check the Factsheet on 2006 Australian Standard Geographical Classification and Census Geographic Areas.

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