Friday, November 16, 2007

Changes to Areas between Censuses

Around 20% of 2001 Census Collection Districts were redesigned for the 2006 Census. This makes it difficult for users who need to compare small area data between censuses. The ABS has constructed a set of comparability lists to help users make comparisons at the Collection District (CD) level.

These lists allow users to make an association between CDs that define the same geographic area, but may have different CD codes. Also, where there has been a boundary change they provide information about the type and degree of change which occurred.

A new factsheet has been released this week to help you understand and use the 2001 to 2006 Census Collection District Comparability Listing, Aug 2006 (cat. no. 2919.0.55.001).

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roshjosh said...

I would have thought the the link to the new fact sheet would have taken me directly to the fact sheet - not an old entry on the ABs website. I like to let SA teachers know about what the ABS does. Can you make the link work properly?