Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keeping a Tab on Data

Do you sometimes have trouble finding what you are looking for on the ABS website? Not sure of the significance of the tabs you find on some of the pages? Hopefully this will clear a few things up for you.

Browser tabs allow you to view multiple web pages in the same browser without the need to open a new browser session. Several areas of the ABS website use tabs on the page. The tabs are there to assist you to find different components for a product, as in the Statistics Products pages, or to choose a search method, as in the Census pages.

Statistics Products
For a full explanation of what you may find on each tab see the Use the Statistics Products Pages section of our Help Index. Want the quick summary? Read on:

Start on the Summary page to get an overview of a product. To access the detailed information (ie. download the publication, spreadsheets etc) go to the Details tab. To find the metadata or relevant concepts click on the Explanatory Notes. There may be other products with similar information listed on the Related Information tab and if you want a previous or a more recent issue of a product click on the Past & Future Releases tab.

Tabs are also used in the Census pages to provide different options. It's important to note the five tabs on the screen where you can choose your location: each tab allows you to select a different method for finding the geographic area you require (see Think Census Think Geography)

Remember, when you are looking for information on the ABS website, click on the tabs to fully explore what is available and make use of the help and information links.

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