Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore ...

Ever wanted to know how many people move address around Australia? Several ABS collections have data on this. You can find information about movement within and between states and territories. This is known as internal migration.

For data from the Census of Population and Housing, including thematic maps, go to the Census page and use the "Choosing a Topic" link. You'll find several data sets to choose from under the "Migration - Internal" topic.

Other ABS collections with information on internal migration include Australian Demographic Statistics, June 2007 (cat. no. 3101.0), Migration, Australia, 2005-06 (cat. no. 3412.0) and Historical Population Statistics, 2006 (cat. no. 3105.0.65.001). Go to the Details tab to see the full range of data products available for each of these. Tables 64 and 65 of the Historical Population Statistics go back to 1860.

Graph created from data in 3101.0 Tables 16A and 16B

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