Friday, December 7, 2007

Water Watchers

For an insight into what Australians are doing to save water - take a look at the just released Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices (cat. no. 4602.0).

Find out how many people turn off the tap when they clean their teeth (23.9%) or the number of households using grey water (55%).
Victorians are leading the way in flushing the toilet less often/only when needed; and Queensland has the highest proportion of people sharing baths or showers.

You can also discover the number of households with swimming pools or rainwater tanks; how people are watering their gardens; and who's not happy with the quality of their water and why. This is an annual survey, with a set of changing topics which rotate over a period of three years, so data can be compared with earlier years to see how views and practices have changed over time.

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