Friday, August 31, 2007

Housing Costs

Housing Stress is a topical media issue at present. Here are some pointers to finding ABS housing costs data.

Census Tables will provide you with data about housing costs, for example loan repayments by family composition, or income by rent data. Time series tables also allow comparisons with 2001 and 1996 Census data.

Simply click on 'Census Tables' from the link above, choose your geographic area, and select 'Housing Costs' as the topic. You will then be presented the list of available tables.
Note: Different tables are available under 'Place of Usual Residence' and 'Location on Census Night' count method options.

MapStats allows you to create maps showing the proportion of households with housing costs 30% or more of gross income at either a local level, or more broadly.

Check the Housing theme pages for links to further housing data.

Can't find the data you need? Contact our helpline to discuss your specific information needs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seeking Migrant Statistics?

A new resource is available to help you locate migrant statistics. Search by topic to find key data sources for both ABS and non-ABS statistics in the Guide to Migrant Statistical Sources, 2007 (cat. no. 3414.0). This ready reference guide brings together summaries of Australian statistics collections relating to migrants and ethnicity, and includes government, academic and private sources.

The Census Ethnic Media Package allows you to access 2006 Census data on persons born overseas on a country by country basis (available as an Excel spreadsheet to download). A Factsheet on Ancestry is also available to help explain ancestry and ethnic background data from the 2006 Census.

Measuring Violence

Violence is a sensitive issue and a challenging phenomenon to measure. Violence takes both a human and economic toll on society and can have serious consequences for people who experience it and those around them. The latest edition of Australian Social Trends, 2007 (ABS cat. no. 4102.0) includes articles on Interpersonal Violence and Women's Experience of Partner Violence, drawing data from a number of sources.

These articles provide useful summaries for those seeking information about domestic violence and the characteristics of violence within the community, including physical and sexual violence, stalking and harassment.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More 2006 Census Tables

There are currently a wide range of Census tables containing first release 2006 Census data available on the website. More Census tables will be made available from 29 August.

Second release data (including employment, industry and occupation data) will be available from October. To find out when specific tableswill be available check the 2006 Census Tables - Release Dates schedule on the website, under the Census Tables Templates.

Search Tip: some tables are available via the 'Location on Census Night' count option rather than the default 'Place of Usual Residence' - for example, 'Number of Motor Vehicles by Dwellings'. You may need to check both count method options when selecting your table topics.