Sunday, February 3, 2008

Australian Sports data

Participating in sports and physical recreation and attending sporting contests are important features of the Australian lifestyle.

However, the sports and physical recreation sector involves more than just the people who participate or attend. It includes organisations providing sports services, manufacturers and distributors of sports equipment, professional sports people, and other people who are involved in paid employment or voluntary work within the sector. Government and business also play an important role through the provision of facilities and support through grants and sponsorship.

The ABS has just released the first edition for 2008 of Sports and Physical Recreation: a Statistical Overview, Australia (cat. no. 4156.0).

This publication presents an overview of the sports and physical recreation sector. It contains information about the number of people who play sports; the most popular sports played; the number of people attending sporting events; the amount people spend on sports and physical recreation; the economic activity of businesses, clubs and associations involved in providing sports and physical recreation goods and services; the people who work in sports and physical recreation occupations or industries; and the levels of support provided by volunteers, sponsorship and government funding.

This is a good starting point for finding data relating to Australian sports and physical activity: it not only presents key statistics, but also identifies which publications hold more detailed data for a range of topics. Also check the Culture and Recreation Theme page on the ABS website for links to latest releases, feature articles and newsletter.

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