Friday, February 22, 2008

Perspectives on Migrants

The National Migrant Statistics Unit has released today the first issue of the Perspectives on Migrants (cat. no. 3416.0) series.

The articles in this series provide informed commentary to assist those interested in issues related to migrant and ethnic population groups within Australia. In addition, some articles also illustrate how the new Migrant Data Matrices (cat. no. 3415.0) and the Guide to Migrant Statistical Sources (cat. no. 3414.0) can be used as research tools.

This issue contains descriptive articles on:

  • the relationship between birthplace and religion
  • migrant's experiences of crime victimisation
  • an overview of data relating to overseas students
  • the English proficiency of migrants to Australia

Articles will be released biannually on the ABS website. For other new products from the National Migrant Statistics Unit please see the ABS Migrant and Ethnicity theme page or the half yearly electronic newsletter Migrant Statistics News.

If you need assistance to find migrant and ethnicity statistical information, please contact the ABS National Information and Referral Service (NIRS).

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