Friday, March 14, 2008

IMF Data Mapper

The IMF Data Mapper is an interactive data visualisation tool now available on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website. It allows users to select and compare data across countries, regions, and groups, using the world map or a pull-down menu.

The Data Mapper displays the selected data in chart form, and the map and charts are interactive. For example, changing the time period by sliding along the time axis on a line chart causes the annual data displayed on the map and the map colors to change. The data can also be printed or exported to other applications in the form of chart or map images.

This initial version of the Mapper contains selected data from the latest World Economic Outlook and the Balance of Payments Yearbook.

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Anonymous said...

As of 10 April, The IMF has just upgraded its Data Mapper. In addition to a new vizualisation (bubble charts) the Mapper includes animation over time and animated displays of "selected messages" about the World Economic Outlook