Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Social Atlas Series

Social Atlases are now available for each Australian capital city, including some regional centres.
They allow you to obtain a bird's eye view of your city and its make-up.

  • Researching a new business opportunity?
  • Buying a house in an area you are not familiar with?
  • Needing to visually identify where new growth areas are?
  • Working for a community-based organisation that requires information on where the older population live?

The 2006 Social Atlas Series is a great way to kick-start your research. Each Atlas provides colour thematic maps of 2006 Census data, as well as commentary describing the 2006 Census results. Social Atlases can help you find out:

  • Where do people with broadband Internet access live?
  • Where do people who travel to work by public transport live?
  • Which areas had the greatest population change since 2001?
  • Where are most of the home rental properties located?

New: Major regional centres for most states and territories are now included. For example the Sydney Social Atlas now includes Wollongong, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

The Social Atlas Series is available online or available for purchase in print.

Online user tip: to change the orientation of maps presented 'sideways' in Social Atlas pdfs: right click on a map and select 'rotate clockwise' option.

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