Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Community Indicators Victoria

Community Indicators Victoria (CIV)
offers a wide range of local community data for Victorians in the form of Wellbeing Reports for each Local Government Area (LGA). The data used to compile these reports comes from a range of sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Victorian Government departments and a new statewide Community Indicators Victoria Survey (2007).

CIV is a jointly supported project, funded by VicHealth and hosted by the McCaughey Centre, School of Population Health, at the University of Melbourne.

This survey was conducted to close the gaps of data that other sources were not able to fill. Validated questions, previously used in other ABS surveys were used in this survey. Details of how this survey was conducted are provided on the website.

The CIV website was launched in July 2007, and has included 2006 Census data from the ABS since November. The website is easy to navigate, using a geographically segmented map of Victoria to allow users quick access to data of their preferred community sector. There is also an added option of selecting between metro and non-metro LGAs. Upon selecting a local area, a Wellbeing Report is compiled offering measures of wellbeing across a range of social, economic, environmental, democratic and cultural trends.

CIV aims to improve citizen engagement, community planning and policy making. Therefore, the data is particularly useful for anyone with a general interest in the wellbeing of their local community, local and state government members - particularly policy and planning staff, and other non-government organisations, for example local businesses wanting to better align their products and services to meet the needs of the community.

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