Thursday, May 22, 2008

ACT Statistics

The first issue of the new publication inFACT (cat. no. 1308.8) was released today. It provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding region. It is the principal reference work produced by the ACT Office of the ABS, and replaces the previous compendium publications 'Australian Capital Territory in Focus' (cat. no. 1307.8) and ACT Stats (cat. no. 1344.8.55.001). It will be released on a quarterly basis.

What information can I find via inFACT?
A wide range of data from both ABS and non-ABS sources is available, including:

  • official population figures for Canberra suburbs (SLAs)
  • number of schools in the ACT
  • life expectancy
  • house price increases
  • average tax per capita
  • water useage and rainfall

Website user tip:
Looking for similar publications for other states and territories?
Access via the Australian Year Books link under Key Products Quick Link on the left side of the ABS home page; or check the Regional pages under Themes.

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