Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Print ... *

If you are reading this you already know of at least one way to keep up to date with things statistical but did you know the ABS also produces a number of newsletters?

You'll find a link on the ABS website under Newsletters on the News & Media page.
Recent releases include:
Education and Training Matters (cat. no. 4211.0)
Statistics News NSW (cat. no. 1300.1.55.001)
CensusAtSchool (cat. no. 1332.0.55.001)
What's New in Regional Statistics (cat. no. 1386.0)
Demography News (cat. no. 3106.0)

Whether you are interested in a specific area or the work of the ABS in general we produce newsletters on most subjects so there is most likely one relevant to you. Subjects are as varied as the work of the ABS. For example we have newsletters related to Tourism, Agriculture, Culture and Recreation, Migration, the Environment and the Census.

So go to the News & Media page and have a look and don't forget that you can subscribe to our customisable free email notification service to keep up with our daily releases, including newsletters.

*Apologies to the venerable New York Times

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