Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Climate Change and Water: measuring the impact

At a recent United Nations conference, the ABS presented a paper on how water accounts can contribute to our understanding of climate change.

Water accounts can be used to inform our response, for instance, to changing water availability and distribution. Water accounts enable comparisons of the effects of changes in water use over time, both across industries and sectors and between regions. For example, within the agriculture industry water accounts can help to inform decisions about the cost-effectiveness of irrigating different crops.

Water accounts can also be used to track changing patterns of water use associated with evolving water pricing and trading policies, particularly when such policies target specific sectors of the economy to encourage more efficient water use.

The paper 'Climate Change and Water: how water accounts can help our understanding' was presented at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change and Official Statistics in April 2008.

New ABS course: 'Valuing Australia's Environment'
Open to people outside the ABS for the first time in July 2008, this one day course focuses on the emerging discipline of environmental accouting.

For further information check the latest issue of Environment and Energy News (cat. no. 4653.0)

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