Monday, June 23, 2008

Growing Up in Australia

In 2004, over 10,000 children and families around Australia agreed to take part in Growing Up in Australia: the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC). The 2006-07 Annual Report has now been released, featuring preliminary analysis of the Wave 2 data from the study, collected in 2006-07.

LSAC is following the development of 2 groups of children until 2010 and possibly beyond. It addresses a range of key questions about children's development and wellbeing.

This report includes an examination of breastfeeding and return to work patterns, financial well-being of families, childcare and employment, and parental work and time with children.
The ABS is the data collection agency for the study, providing statistical advice and support to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Life at 3 documentary
The documentary 'Life at 1', drawing on the experience of the Growing Up in Australia study, was screened on ABC TV in October 2006. It followed 11 babies and their families through their ordinary routines and milestones, looking at the impact on their lives of factors such as their parents' relationships, finances, work, health and education.

Following the success of Life at 1, Film Australia has begun production of Life at 3. A Life at 2 website has been launched by the ABC, at, to provide updates on the families and their children between the documentary waves.

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