Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Household Preparedness for Emergencies

What steps have NSW, Vic., Qld and ACT households taken to prepare for emergencies?

Data has now been released from the Household Preparedness for Emergencies: NSW, Vic., Qld and ACT survey, which was conducted in October 2007 (cat. no. 4818.0.55.001).

The publication provides a range of information on households in NSW, Vic., Qld and the ACT including:
  • presence of safety precautions
  • access to emergency phone numbers
  • emergency plans and selected household characteristics
  • recent emergencies experienced by households

Other resources relating to Australian emergencies:
In 2006 the ABS published an Emergency Management Information Development Plan (cat. no. 1385.0) and Emergency Management Information Development Plan Matrix (cat. no. 1385.0.55.001 ). These publications identify some of the data available from different agencies and issues relating to emergency management information.

Some non-ABS resources: The Emergency Management Australia website includes the EMA Disasters Database. This database contains records of all natural and non-natural disasters within Australia (where information is available) dating from 1662 to present day.

Other interesting resources include: The National Database of Fire Statistics; Bushfire CRC; the Productivity Commission's Report on Government Services 2008 (Part D Emergency Management); and the Australian Disaster Information Network (AusDIN) Portal.

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