Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New data on Family Transitions

Statistics are now available for new family related topics.

For the first time the 2006-07 Family Characteristics and Transitions Survey collected information for persons aged 18 years and over about the family transitions they have experienced in their lives.

For example: the death or divorce of their parents, couple relationship history and relationship expectations; reasons for still living with parents, and reasons for leaving home; children born, and expectations of having children in the future.

Other data available in Family Characteristics and Transitions, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 4442.0) can be compared with earlier Family Characteristics Surveys, and helps show how the number and proportions of various family types have changed over the last decade.
Data is available for:

  • household and family composition
  • grandparent families, foster families, same sex couple families
  • children with parents living elsewhere
  • contact arrangements

Further tables at a state and territory level will be available later this month.

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