Monday, July 7, 2008

Changes to ABS website

Some changes have been made to the design of the ABS website. This is the first in a series of planned enhancements to the ABS website.

Changes include:
  • lightening of colours in the top banner
  • 'Details' tab now 'Downloads' tab
  • addThis 'Bookmark and Share' buttons
  • more efficient print functionality, and more

Check the ABS website changes page for information on all the changes.


Anonymous said...

The changes look promising, but some of them don't appear to quite follow through.

Why are SVG plugins required to view visualisations? Surely there's an easier way - particularly since Adobe won't even be supporting the SVG plugin after January 2009?

Maybe some of these techniques could come in handy?

Could the site's RSS feeds be embedded in the page header to aid discovery?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback!

The animated population pyramids emerged on the ABS website in about 2004 and at the time our research indicated that Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) was the most effective way to visualise data using animation and interactivity. SVG was chosen over Flash because it was open standard, developed and recommended by W3C and had better accessibility benefits at the time.

We are aware of the discontinuation of Adobe SVG viewer. As you may be know, there are other free SVG viewers available online and there is also the move for some browsers to have the SVG viewer inbuilt so that no additional software is required.

Saying this, the web design team are currently in the process of investigating a range of different options for data visualisation (including some of the options mentioned in the articles provided).

In regards to the automatic detection of the RSS feed, we now have code available to allow the automatic detection on the ABS home page and RSS page by browsers such as the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.