Thursday, July 3, 2008

Labour Underutilisation

A new series, the Quarterly Labour Force Underutilisation Rate is introduced in the July issue of Australian Labour Market Statistics (cat. no. 6105.0) released today.

Labour underutilisation is the extent to which available labour is underutilised - either through unemployment or underemployment.

This quarterly time series replaces the existing annual rate which was first published in 2002 in Information Paper: Measures of Labour Underutilisation (cat. no. 6296.0). The new quarterly series has a more conceptually correct basis than the annual rate, and has provided the opportunity to produce more frequent and timely measures of changes in underemployment, and in turn, the underutilisation rate.

For more information see the Quarterly labour force underutilisation rate article in Australian Labour Market Statistics, Jul 2008.

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