Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outcome of Review of ASGC

The Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) is used for the collection and dissemination of geographically classified statistics. The ASGC has formed the foundation of the statistical geography used by the ABS since 1984.

The ABS intends to replace the current ASGC with the new Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) through an implementation strategy commencing in 2011.

The ASGS will be based upon mesh blocks creating more stable and consistent units than the ASGC. It will be the new basis for the publication of the complete range of ABS spatial statistics.

The ASGS will become the essential reference for understanding and interpreting the geographical context of ABS statistics. The ABS anticipates that it will be widely adopted outside the ABS to facilitate the cross comparison of spatial statistics.

A second Information Paper is now available outlining the new Australian Statistical Geography. It addresses the main concerns of stakeholders regarding the ASGS and summarises the strategy for its introduction. Information Paper: Outcome of the Review of the Standard Geographical Classification, 2008 (cat. no. 1216.0.55.002).

Structure of the ASGS

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