Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Historical Population Statistics

Find historical data online for Australian population size and growth, indigenous population, deaths, divorces, migration and more in the newly updated Australian Historical Population Statistics (cat. no. 3105.0.65.001).

This publication contains a wide range of demographic data in spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel), going back, where possible, to the beginning of European settlement (1788) of Australia.

The 2008 update of Australian Historical Population Statistics will be released in two stages due to the availablity of new data relevant to this publication shortly after its initial release.
  • The first release, on 5 August 2008, includes statistics on population size and growth, population age-sex structure, births, deaths, migration, country of birth, overseas arrivals and depatures, marriages, divorces and population by marital status.
  • The second release, scheduled for September 2008, will include statistics on population distribution and the Indigenous population.

The ABS sees this as an evolving product, with new data sets being added in response to the need and the availability of data in electronic form. Comments on this product would be appreciated: email demography@abs.gov.au

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