Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Innovation in Australian Business

Over one-third of Australian businesses were reported as undertaking some form of innovation according to Innovation in Australian Business, 2006-07. This release presents information about the incidence of innovation in Australian business and related practices or influences. It reports data as collected by the 2006-07 Business Characteristics Survey (BCS).

Some other key findings from the publication include:
  • The Information Media and Telecommunications industry had the highest proportion of innovation activity
  • Information technology skills were the most prevalent skill type used for innovation purposes.
  • More than three-quarters of innovative-active businesses claimed that the most common driver of innovation was profit-related.
  • Over 25% of businesses claimed that a lack of skilled staff significantly hampered their ability to innovate.

Further information is available in the publication Innovation in Australian Business, 2006-07 cat. no. 8158.0.

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