Friday, August 15, 2008

People with a Need for Assistance

A new snapshot looking at People with a Need for Assistance has been released this month. Disability affects about one in five Australians to varying degrees and in various ways. This can range from someone who has a mild hearing impairment that is overcome by the use of a hearing aid, to a person who cannot wash or dress without help.

In 2006, the Census of Population and Housing included questions for the first time on people with disabilities at the more severe end of this spectrum, that is those who need assistance with self-care, communication or mobility activities.

People with a Need for Assistance - A Snapshot, 2006 (cat. no. 4445.0) examines the age, sex, indigenous status, state/ territory, remoteness index, living arrangements, proficiency in English, labour force participation and occupation of people with a need for assistance. It also contains a brief assessment of the comparability of the data with the core-activity limitation data from the 2003 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (cat. no. 4430.0).

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