Monday, September 29, 2008

Homepage Changes

The latest changes to the ABS homepage have now been released. These changes follow current web trends in design and aim to provide greater accessibility and more relevance to our customers and key clients. Modifications include:
  • a new "Spotlight on" section, drawing attention to high profile and current issues
  • the Australian Population clock now on the homepage
  • an ongoing display of the 5 most recent "Media Releases"
For more detailed information see the page website changes explained.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Historical Data now available online

Publications from the 1991 Census are now available online.

These can be located from the 'Downloads' tab of the publication Census of Population and Housing, 1991 (cat. no. 2101.0).
Publications from the 1986 Census will be soon also be available from the ABS website.

Other historical data now online includes Labour Statistics publications back to 1912.
Available via the Past & Future Releases tab of the publication Labour Statistics, Australia (cat. no. 6101.0): several related titles have been grouped together, including the Labour Report, and Labour and Industrial Branch Report. These past publications include historical data on employment, prices, wages and more.

Data from the 1988-89 Household Expenditure Survey has also recently been made available online (see cat. no.'s 6530.0, 6535.0, 6537.0, 6527.0).

These historical (past) issues have been scanned from the original paper versions utilising character recognition software, which enables full-text searching capability within the stored .pdf.