Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Creative Commons licensing for ABS data

The ABS has introduced Creative Commons (CC) licensing for the bulk of the content on the ABS website.

This will lessen the restrictions on the use of free data from the website by changing the copyright from "all rights reserved" to "some rights reserved". In effect, what the ABS is asking is only that it be acknowledged as the source of the data.

People are now free to re-use, build upon and distribute ABS data, even commercially. This makes a wealth of data readily available to the community, researchers and business, facilitating innovative research and development projects based on quality statistics.

For more information see the ABS page on Creative Commons licensing.

Statistical Declaration - Working Together for an Informed Australia in the 21st Century

In November 2008 around 460 delegates from the statistical community across Australia met for the first time at the NatStats08 conference in Melbourne.

NatStats conference participants drafted a Statistical Declaration to guide the development of a national statistics strategy for Australia in the 21st century.

The NatStats conference discussed three main themes related to statistics: Informing the Nation; Measuring the Progress of Society; and Environmental Information for Informed Decisions. Speaker presentations from the conference will be available on the NatStats website shortly.

The NatStats conference was hosted by the National Statistical Service (NSS). The NSS is a community of government agencies building a rich statistical picture for a better informed Australia. It aims to develop and improve a statistical system that ensures providers and users of statistics have the confidence to trust the statistics produced within it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

International Day of People with Disability

On December 3 each year, the International Day of People with Disability is celebrated worldwide recognising the achievements and contributions of people with disability. The day aims to increase awareness of the benefits of the integration of people with disability in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

The 2003 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (cat. no. 4430.0) provides a range of information on people with a disability including disability status, main condition, assistance needed/received, use of aids, use of public transport and employment restrictions.

People with a Need for Assistance - A Snapshot, 2006 (cat. no. 4445.0) examines the age, sex, indigenous status, state/ territory, remoteness index, living arrangements, proficiency in English, labour force participation and occupation of people with a need for assistance.

The 2006 Census of Population and Housing includes questions for the first time that measure the characteristics of people with a profound or severe disability. CDATA Online allows users to create tables combining data relating to people with a core need for assistance with a range of other variables, for a variety of geographic areas.

Other resources relating to People with a disability can be found in:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Energy Use & Conservation in Australian Households

  • What proportion of the population are using energy saving lights?
  • How many households have a computer?
  • For how many months of the year are people using coolers?
  • How important is energy star rating compared with price or brand when people purchase white goods?

Find out in the new issue: Environmental Issues: energy use and conservation (cat. no. 4602.0.55.001).

Household energy use and conservation data is collected every three years. This latest survey was conducted in March 2008. Previous data were published in 2005, 2002, 1999 and 1994 and available in Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices (cat. no. 4602.0).

New data items for 2008 include type and number of televisions and solar hot water system or solar panels used to generate electricity. Existing data items have been modified in the 2008 survey to provide more detailed information on lighting, energy sources and household appliances.