Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crime and Safety in NSW

The publication Crime and Safety, New South Wales, April 2008 (cat. no. 4509.0) was released on December 4.

The publication contains summary details on household break-ins, attempted break-ins, motor vehicle thefts, personal robberies and assaults and some data on sexual assaults, for the 12 months prior to the survey. It also contains information as to whether the last incident was reported to the police, and details of people's perceptions of crime problems in their neighbourhood.

A range of information can also be found in Crime and Justice News, 2008 an annual newsletter produced by the National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics (NCCJS) at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The newsletter provides information on current and upcoming projects, snapshot data from recent publications, and information about current issues in the crime and justice sector.

Further crime and justice statistics and other related information can be found in the following publications:

1234.0 - Australian Standard Offence Classification (ASOC); 2008 (Second Edition)
4512.0 - Corrective Services, Australia; June Quarter 2008
4528.0 - Personal Fraud, Australia; 2007
4510.0 - Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia; 2007
4513.0 - Criminal Courts, Australia; 2006-2007
4517.0 - Prisoners in Australia; 2007
4906.0 - Personal Safety, Australia; 2005
4509.0 - Crime and Safety, Australia; 2005

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