Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Producing national estimates from State Health Surveys

A recent ABS project which pooled data from state and territory health surveys in order to create national estimates, is detailed in the Information Paper: Producing national estimates from State Health Surveys, 2004 (cat. no. 4375.0.55.001) that was released today.

The paper discusses how a systematic approach to the pooling of state health survey data can have considerable benefits for the provision of additional sources of national health data.

The paper provides a range of information, including:

  • methods used to pool the data
  • data quality investigations that were undertaken
  • experimental national estimates of several chronic disease risk factors produced from the pooled national dataset
  • a brief summary of current state health survey methodology
  • a description of potential benefits of a harmonised national surveillance system
  • an overview of the technical, methodological and practical issues that need to be addressed in pooling data from multiple surveys (whether in health or other topics).

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