Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tourism Statistics

The publication, Tourist Accommodation, Australia, September 2008 (cat no. 8635.0), was released yesterday, January 6, 2009. The publication contains results from the on-going quarterly Survey of Tourist Accommodation and provides an overview of the Australian tourist accommodation industry. The publication is a useful reference for policy makers and industry monitors and advisers.

The recently released ABS Tourism Newsletter, Nov 2008 (cat. no 8602.0) provides an overview of recent tourism industry related issues and updates; describes current ABS work related to tourism statistics; and informs users about recent and forthcoming ABS publications.
This issue of the newsletter also contains a feature article titled 'OECD International Standards and Concepts - What is Tourism?' that provides a brief definition of tourism, based on international OECD standards for tourism concepts. This article provides an elucidation of what is, and is not, being counted in ABS tourism statistics.

The ABS produces a range of tourism related statistics, which can be accessed via the ABS tourism theme page on the ABS website.

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