Friday, February 27, 2009

Crime and Justice data

  • Are people over 45 more or less likely to be charged with speeding than those under 25?
  • How many juvenile offenders were finalised in the Children's court?
  • What percentage of defendants adjudicated were proven guilty?

Find out in the recently released, Criminal Courts, Australia, 2007- 08 (cat. no. 4513.0).

This publication provides nationally comparable data showing the number of defendants dealt with by the Higher (Supreme and Intermediate), Magistrates' and Children's criminal courts. The statistics provide a profile of the characteristics of defendants, as well as data about the offences for which they have been charged, their guilt or innocence, and sentence outcomes for those proven guilty.

See the Crime and Justice theme page for more ABS and non-ABS crime and justice data and information.

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