Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finding Regional Data

Are you interested in the characteristics of regions and comparing regions across Australia?

The National Regional Profile (NRP) presents, for all Australia, a range of data for various types of small regions. The data items are presented in web pages, spreadsheets and SuperTABLE datacubes and are available for regions as large as Australia or as small as Local Government Area or Statistical Local Areas.

A set of four National Regional Profile Videos have been produced to introduce you to the National Regional Profile Welcome Page, show you how to find regions and data, and explain what other help is available for the NRP.

You may also be interested in What's New in Regional Statistics (cat. no. 1386.0), a biannual newsletter providing information on the latest developments in statistics that are relevant to regions as well as other information of interest to researchers, policy makers and other users of small area data.

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