Friday, March 27, 2009

No offence meant

Are you living a living a life of crime without knowing it?
The 2008 Australian Standard Offence Classification (ASOC) reveals there are many interesting possibilities to make yourself a criminal.

No Offence Meant in the latest issue of Stats Talk WA (cat. no. 1304.5) looks at the myriad ways it is possible to break the law.

What is ASOC?
The Australian Standard Offence Classification (ASOC) (cat. no. 1234.0) provides a uniform national statistical framework for classifying criminal behaviour in the production and analysis of crime and justice statistics.
  • it is used in ABS statistical collections, and Australian police, criminal courts and corrective services agencies.
  • ASOC provides a systematic ordering of criminal offences defined in the criminal laws of the Australian state and territory jurisdictions.

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