Monday, May 11, 2009

Are you statistically literate?

If you are uncomfortable with using statistics, you are not alone. Many people shy away from using statistics because of their perceived complexity.

However, statistics are highly prevalent in our information-rich society and can influence our daily lives via media reporting and social and economic policy decisions. It is therefore necessary to develop the ability to critically interpret and evaluate statistics to make informed decisions about the information that surrounds us.

A new article: What is statistical literacy and why is it important to be statistically literate? is featured in the recent issue of Tasmanian State and Regional Indicators, Mar 2009 (cat. no. 1307.6).

The article provides an overview of what it means to be statistically literate, and why it is so important. The article also provides a set of criteria that are essential for building statistical literacy, including:

1. Data awareness

2. The ability to understand statistical concepts

3. The ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate statistical information

4. The ability to communicate statistical information and understandings

Find out what it takes to be statistically literate today.

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