Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Census Tablebuilder

Bigger ... Faster ... Better ...

The much anticipated TableBuilder (cat. no 2065.0) is scheduled for release between August and September 2009.

TableBuilder is an online tool which will allow you to create your own custom tables of 2006 Census data.

TableBuilder is designed to provide clients with the highest degree of freedom in selecting and combining data items and the geographical areas most suited to their needs. It allows you to choose to count persons, families or dwellings, to select the variables to include in your table, and how to structure the data.

You can access data for areas as small as a Collection District (approximately 225 households) or as large as an entire state or territory or all of Australia. TableBuilder also allows you the freedom to select and combine areas and data that interest you by creating your own customised geographic areas or custom data groups.

Now is your chance to pre-register for TableBuilder. For only $1655, TableBuilder provides you with unprecedented access to 2006 Census data and enables you to build all the tables you require.
For more information, including FAQs and list of TableBuilder variables, visit the Tablebuilder page on the ABS website.

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