Friday, August 21, 2009

Who is caring for our kids?

If you have ever wondered how many of Australia’s children receive formal or informal child care, or you are curious about what this care might cost, then look no further! The answers you seek are just one click away...

Childhood Education and Care, Australia’ 2008 (cat. no 4402.0) provides information on the various forms of child care available within Australia. The publication includes estimates on the types of child care being accessed by Australian children between the ages of 0-12 including: the hours they attend; the costs involved; the use of child care benefits; and parental employment and income characteristics.

Also included in this publication for the first time ever are estimates on early childhood education and learning, such as: patterns of attendance at pre-school and school; the types of learning activities that children aged 0-8 participate in; and the environments in which these activities take place.

This is a valuable resource for anyone interested in finding out more about the demand and supply of child care services within Australia. It may also help shed light on some of the issues facing modern day Australian parents.

Included below are some related ABS publications which may also be of interest to you...
· Household and Family Projections, Australia, 1996-2021 (cat. no. 3236.0)
· Children Australia: A Social Report, 2002 (cat. no. 4119.0)
· Family Characteristics and Transitions, Australia. June 2006-07. (cat. no. 4442.0)

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