Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new record for births

Australia has again set a new record for the number of births in a year, with a total of 296,600 births registered in 2008, surpassing the previous record years of 2007 (285,200 births) and 1971 (276,400).

Overall, Australia had a total fertility rate of 1.97 babies per woman, up from 1.92 in 2007 and the highest since 1977 (2.01).

More details are available in Births, Australia, 2008 (cat. no. 3301.0), which includes: detailed statistics on live births: male and female births; births of Indigenous children; age and birthplace of parents; duration of marriage; previous children; nuptial and exnuptial births; single and multiple births; usual residence of mother (by state or territory); and regional comparisons.

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