Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making sense of statistics

The ABS has recently released a suite of 'Understanding Statistics' webpages on the ABS website.

These webpages consist of a range of fact sheets, information guides, video tutorials, presentations and online courses to help you:

  • find the statistics you're looking for
  • analyse, interpret and evaluate statistical information
  • communicate statistical findings with tables and graphs

Check out the Introduction to Statistics Online Course for a comprehensive overview of statistics. Or have a look at our Online Video Tutorials and Presentations to find out more about specific topics of interest. ABS also offers face to face Training Courses on a range of topics to develop skills for high quality statistical collections and statistical analysis.

So, if you're looking to build your knowledge about statistics, and how to use statistics to make informed decisions, check out the resources available for Understanding Statistics.

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Petteri Baer said...

Your service "Statistically speaking" looks fabulous. It is a fine collection of information sources for anyone interested in statistics and also a good road map for a slightly more experienced user.

I work in Statistics Finland and we certainly also have a lot of introductory and training materials, but for the moment they are scattered all around our web site. I hopy you don't mind if we make use of your good example and bring the numerous services into one comprehensive site in the way you have done it.

Congratulations for providing an excellent service!

Petteri Baer
Marketing Manager
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