Monday, December 14, 2009

More Australians Living Alone

The December edition of Australian Social Trends found that more Australians are living alone.

The article reports that over the last couple of decades, the proportion of the population aged 15 years and over living alone (in private dwellings) increased from 9% to 12%, and over the next 20 years is projected to increase to 16% (3.1 million). This overall long-term increase in the prevalence of living alone is in part due to the ageing of the population, but also to the increasing propensity of younger and middle aged people to live alone.

This edition also provides statistical analysis and commentary on a wide range of current social issues including: Jobless families; Living alone; Smoking, risky drinking and obesity; Preschool attendance; Patterns in work and International comparisons.

Summary tables on 'Family and Community' and 'Work' and 'Housing' are also included which provide an overview of social change over the past decade, as well as how social conditions differ across Australian states and territories.

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