Thursday, May 27, 2010

All your questions answered

The ABS has recenly released a series of FAQs on a range of topics. The FAQs are designed to assist you to find the information and statistics you're looking for.

Check out the FAQs page on the ABS website, for answers to these questions, and many more:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Regional Data Easier to Find

Did you know that the Local Government Area of Cue in Western Australia has the highest proportion of motor vehicles over ten years old (74%)? Or that Victor Harbor in SA and Queenscliffe in Victoria have the greatest proportion of people aged over 65 (32%) but very different average incomes?

These and other data for regions can be found in the latest edition of the ABS National Regional Profile (NRP), released on 29 April.

The NRP contains data 'snapshots' for over 2,000 regions across Australia, with five years of data (2004-2008) where it is available. The profiles contain a range of data from the ABS and other sources, for geographic areas such as Statistical Local Areas and Local Government Areas right up to state/territory and Australia. The data is presented for all years on common boundaries, making it easy to compare data over time.

This new issue of the NRP contains more data, and a new look designed to make it easy to find a regions(s) of interest. This can be all accessed directly from the ABS Home page.

The NRP contains:

  • Estimates of unemployment
  • Taxation statistics
  • Selected Government pensions and allowances
  • Estimates of personal income
  • Wage and salary earners
  • Estimates of household wealth
  • Counts of businesses, including entries and exits
  • Estimated Resident Population
  • Population density
  • Indigenous Estimated Resident Population
  • Various 2006 Census data (e.g. occupation, qualifications)
  • Births and Deaths
  • Building Approvals
  • Motor Vehicle Census
  • Value of agricultural production
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Land area
  • Water Use on Australian Farms
A new, easy to use entry point

There is now a new entry point to find a region of interest. This uses an interactive Google map and region list. A range of updated 'help' material is also available, including short video demonstrations.

Find the NRP

The NRP entry page can be accessed directly via the following link:

Demonstration videos can be found at: